Wordings translations was created out of my passion for language. This is a blog to share my thoughts on translation, language and language services. It will run parallel to my main business site http://www.wordingstranslations.com which I like to think as my portal to providing my services to clients who are looking for high quality translations, from English, French and Italian into Greek, and require high quality standards, respect for deadlines and true dedication to their business purposes.

The main pillars of moving away from being a freelancer offering my services to translation agencies and pursuing a direct service to potential customers were the following:

After working for the “middle man” for so many years, I felt the need for a direct, more personal approach towards translation. I like to know my end-clients, have a more concrete idea about their translation needs and provide them with a better translation service at a more reasonable price than the one they were getting until now through the big agencies channels.
I’m a firm believer that businesses grow through stable, constant and true communications and relations between clients and providers. That’s what I’m here to offer you: be your partner in your business ventures, offering you a strong linguistic support that you can depend on.
Translation agencies are nowadays a big melting pan: they are offering every language combination possible at any given field. And this raises the question of quality! Can they truly support what they are promising? Can they in fact control and certify the quality of the product they are offering to their clients?

I’ll leave that answer to you, just with a quick reminder that we all have come across funny, misleading or even incomprehensible translations in instructions manuals, financial reports, marketing material, law or business contracts, or even food labels etc. throughout the biggest companies of the word.
So, by creating Wordings Translations I’m offering high level professional translation services from English to Greek, Italian to Greek and French to Greek at a budget you can afford, that will really give the best Return on a client’s Investment.

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